Office Greeters / Security Team

Young Man Smiling in the Office

What's an office without a dog to greet you at the door?  Lucky for us, we've got two!  Mabel and Penny never fail to brighten up the office and make the work environment feel more like home.

Mabel is an American Eskimo and Australian Shepherd mix and comes into work every day with her person, Ellie.  As an adorable mooch, you can always count on Mabel to help you finish your lunch or to share your donut.  She can often be found lounging in the sunshine keeping a lookout by the front door, usually with her favorite toy (Piggie) to keep her company.  

Penny is the newest addition to our office.  She came into our lives when John decided to adopt her as an early Christmas gift for his wife, Paulette.  As a golden retriever she's always friendly and and loves meeting new people.  She makes the perfect office greeter!  Whenever someone comes to visit she grabs her favorite toy (Mr. Moose) and runs straight to the door where she wiggles and waits for her belly rubs and good puppy treats.