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This year marks the 33rd year that Bockert and Associates has been in business. During that time we have prided ourselves on providing reliable and relevant information to help our friends and colleagues grow their businesses. That is why, in an effort to continue the tradition for another 30 years, we are introducing our new blog series aimed at helping you take the next step in growing your business. In upcoming articles we will be talking about everything from new products in the market to common misconceptions about the industry as well as application and code questions. If there are any questions you'd like answered please let us know by calling our office at 800.321.7550 or emailing your Bockert and Associates sales representative.

Bockert and Associates' motto is: "Our goal is to make your future more prosperous!" Those words are as true today as they were 33 years ago when John and Paulette first wrote them. Our sincere hope is that you will find valuable information in the coming articles and that they will help you grow and strengthen your business, not just for this year but for the next 33 years or more.

From everyone in the Bockert and Associates family, we would like to thank you for the support, friendship, and guidance you have provided us over these past years. Without you, we would not be where we are today and we are thankful to call you all friends. As this series grows, please feel free to provide us feedback. We want these articles to be for your benefit and any input you may have is welcomed.

Thank you again. We look forward to growing with you over the next 33 years.


The Bockert and Associates Family

"Our Goal Is To Make Your Future More Prosperous!"

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