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New Line Announcement - Air-Lec

Bockert and Associates is proud to announce that we will now be the representatives for Air-Lec, a family owned and operated company specializing in pneumatic door operators.

Air-Lec is a manufacturer of pneumatic door operators for industrial and commercial swinging, sliding and bi-fold doors. Based in Madison, Wisconsin, all products are hand-built for a custom fit that insures longevity and precision operation. Capable of handling 30 feet wide sliding doors, the Inertia Operator allows large doors, weighing thousands of pounds, to guide smoothly and under control, never slamming and always capable of being opened or closed manually. Air-Lec's swinging and bi-folding door operators allow for controlled operation of specialty doors that are traditionally unable to be automated. Everything from freezer doors to Minute Men Silos, Air-Lec's operators have tacked the application and worked flawlessly.

Pneumatic controls allow for fine tuning and safer operation of the operator with a substantially reduced need for maintenance. In addition to the doors being able to handle unique and over sized applications, the pneumatic operat

ion allows for installation in environmentally sensitive areas. Areas that are susceptible to fire, explosions or chemical contamination. Maintenance, when needed, is safer due to the system's ability to run on a lower psi than hydraulic systems which also makes it ideal for agricultural and livestock applications. There is even a way to insure doors remain sealed and is integrated pneumatically as well. The Pneumatic Air Seal positively latches swinging and sliding doors keeping the doors in place to reduce cooling or heat loss.

Air-Lec's handcrafted manufacturing process insures that every component is custom fit from the factory. Every moving part is crafted and fine tuned to fit together insuring the tightest fit and smoothest operation. It is because of this attention to detail and the support that Air-Lec provides customers like 3M, Kraft, Tyson, and many others rely on Air-Lec's operators.

We are very proud to be representing, not just a great company, a great family and wonderful people.

If you have a door that needs automation, but you're not sure how to accomplish it, reach out to you Bockert and Associates representative and we will be happy to introduce the products to you and help you tackle the challenge!

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